Defense agencies’ missions continue to evolve faster than ever due to rapidly changing global security concerns. Information is a strategic weapon. IntelliDyne knows that defense agencies must leverage efficient, innovative information capabilities to support war-fighting, intelligence operations, and mission support functions. Execution requires a trusted advisor to deliver multifaceted security, demonstrated governance, expert professionals, proven solutions, and efficient business processes.

IntelliDyne has a consistent track record of assisting Defense agencies to accelerate the adoption of solutions that improve efficiency and productivity and support the achievement of mission objectives.

Transforming capabilities and reducing reliance on legacy and proprietary systems requires the use of collaborative, standardized, secure enterprise solutions. IntelliDyne supports the full enterprise IT life-cycle from designing and integrating, to operating, managing governance and securing the necessary systems and networks critical to mission success.

IntelliDyne delivers strategic Defense solutions that are innovative, efficient, resilient, scalable, customizable, cost-effective and Green.

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