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Falls Church, VA – April 15, 2013  - Alliance for Workplace Excellence, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping companies become great work environments, has awarded IntelliDyne with the 2013 Workplace Excellence Seal of Approval and the Health & Wellness Seal of Approval. This is the third consecutive time that IntelliDyne has been recognized for these awards from the Alliance for Workplace Excellence.

The Workplace Excellence Seal is awarded to companies demonstrating outstanding commitment to balanced leadership and the overall success of the workforce. The Workplace Excellence Seal recognizes organizations that provide family friendly employee policies, flexible work environments, employee growth and learning opportunities, diversity and inclusion practices, and commitment to corporate, social and civic responsibility. 

Companies receiving the AWE Health & Wellness Seal of Approval have been evaluated and found to provide employees with support for physical activity and healthy eating programs, health risk assessments, educational sessions on healthy lifestyle, employee health fairs and employee access to nurses, coaches and other health professionals.

IntelliDyne will be formally recognized for these achievements at the Alliance for Workplace Excellence Awards Event on May 15, 2013. The event will be held at the Bethesda North Hotel and Conference Center in West Bethesda, Maryland.

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About IntelliDyne, LLC:

IntelliDyne, LLC is a consulting firm that enables better business performance through innovative technology solutions. We manage public sector programs that deliver higher operational efficiency and measurable value to clients. We advise, develop, and execute effective solutions in Information Assurance/Cyber Security, Cloud Computing, Application Development and Mobile Computing, Analytics, Business Process Management, Data Center Consolidation, Enterprise Collaboration and Enterprise Infrastructure Management.

About Alliance for Workplace Excellence:

The Alliance for Workplace Excellence provides a portfolio of services that allow employers to build excellent places to work.  It created the Workplace Excellence and Health & Wellness Awards to highlight businesses that promote professional fulfillment and personal wellness at work, at home, and in the community.  In 2009, the EcoLeadership Seal of Approval was created to recognize organizations committed to building sustainable workplaces.  Launched in 2013, the Diversity Champion Award honors companies that have created and maintain a diverse and inclusive culture within their organizations. 

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