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In an exclusive podcast interview, IntelliDyne COO Tony Crescenzo provides a detailed overview of the presentation he will be giving at next week’s SOA Cloud Service Technology Symposium in London, UK. This engaging audio presentation was released earlier this week, along with podcasts from fellow keynote speakers including internationally renowned thought leaders such as Dennis Wisnosky, retired CTO of the US Dept. of Defense,  Michael Hritz, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Anne Thomas Manes, Gartner and many international SOA subject matter experts. The SOA Cloud Symposium is the world’s largest international conference dedicated to exploring trends in SOA, Cloud Computing, and other modern service technologies. The event attracts industry experts and advanced specialists from across the globe. Mr. Crescenzo’s prime presentation positions IntelliDyne as a leading authority in SOA, Big Data and Cloud Computing solutions for Government. Download Mr. Crescenzo’s insightful podcast here.

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